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School Target 2020/21 = 96%

  • Whole School 93.3
  • Reception 100
  • Year 1 98.9
  • Year 2 91.6
  • Year 3/4 92.6
  • Year 5 90.9
  • Year 6 88.8
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Catholic Primary School
  • ‘Through Christ we Live, Love and Learn’

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  • Uniform Purchases

    Tue 18 Jun 2019

    Our Uniform


    With some parents already planning to buy uniform for September, we would like to draw your attention to the following information.

    A number of children are continuing to come to school without the correct uniform, despite reminders from staff and during whole school assemblies.  Parents may not be aware that items such as trainers (or shoes that look like trainers), fashion boots, bright coloured or patterned socks, and jewellery of any kind are not allowed. 


    We have a uniform to be fair to all children and to make them look smart.  Any child not in the correct uniform really does make them stand out, especially during assemblies, educational visits, or when we have special visitors in school.  We like to make a good impression and it also reflects on the children’s behaviour in school.


    Usually, if any child comes into school wearing trainers, they will be asked to wear their PE pumps.  Any jewellery/earrings will have to be removed.


    We also ask that the correct PE kit is in school at all times (even more important with the forthcoming Sports Days!):

    • Plain white t-shirt with school logo
    • Plain navy shorts
    • Black slip on pumps


    Paul’s Place in Bootle Strand provide our embroidered knitted jumpers and cardigans, along with the other usual school uniform items – trousers, skirts, white shirts and PE / book bags. 

    School Trends online uniform store also provides our correct uniform which can be delivered to your home address:


    Please take note of the correct uniform before shopping for items during the summer break.  Do your very best to help your child set a good example to others, and to wear their correct school uniform with pride.


    We thank you for your support and co-operation in this matter. 


  • Attendance - Week Ending 14/06/2019

    Fri 14 Jun 2019
    Our attendance has fallen this wek to a very disappointing 92%.  Only two classes improved from last week.  There are still many pupils having odd days of absence during the week, and this not only impacts on their learning, but also their whole class attendance.  Children who are in every day, who are never late or taken out of school for appointments, are entered into a draw to win a prize each week. 
  • Attendance - Week Ending 07/06/2019

    Fri 07 Jun 2019

    Our whole school attendance for this week has improved slightly to 93.2%, which is still below our target.  

    Well done to Year 3 who have moved from 5th to 1st place!! 

    There are still a few children being taken out of school during term time for family holidays.  Schools are no longer able to authorise holidays during school time unless in very special or exceptional circumstances. Parents should write to the Headteacher in this instance.  A total of 5 unauthorised days (10 sessions) for a holiday taken is enough to trigger the Fixed Penalty Notice process.

    We have six weeks left until the end of the summer term!  Please ensure your child is in school every day to help us improve attendance.