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School Target 2020/21 = 96%

  • Whole School 93.3
  • Reception 100
  • Year 1 98.9
  • Year 2 91.6
  • Year 3/4 92.6
  • Year 5 90.9
  • Year 6 88.8
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace
  • Catholic Primary School
  • ‘Through Christ we Live, Love and Learn’


20th March Happy International Day of Happiness! Here are three ways that you can celebrate:

Do something for your own happiness - make time to do something you really enjoy, get moving outside, learn something new or write down three things you’re grateful for.

Do something for someone else - donate to a food bank or charity, text or call someone to tell them what you appreciate about them. 

Share the International Day Of Happiness with others and help more people get involved in the day and thinking about ways to promote happiness and mental health.

When we see someone else smile, we can't help but smile back! Let’s put that theory to the test today! 

I’d love to see how you’ve spent international happiness day so please send any photographs to:

Head over to our school website for other ideas and activities to promote happiness.

 Wellbeing Warriors

Wellbeing Warriors from each year group have been awarded their rainbow lanyard and stationary pack as they start their journey supporting the wellbeing of their peers. Their rainbow lanyards make them easy to identify during play time sessions as they offer a friendly face, helping hand and a listening ear to their peers.  
Their first task was to a design a poster to present to their class showing ‘5 ways to Well-being’- Be ACTIVE, LEARN something new, HELP others, CONNECT with others, take NOTICE. These posters will be referred to daily as a good reminder of the things they need to do to help their wellbeing. Each class throughout the school will have an interactive display with rainbow templates so each child can keep track of whether they have achieved ‘5 a day’ for well-being. 
Congratulations to all our Warriors as we embark on a wonderful journey together, as a school, to promote healthy lifestyle, body and most importantly mind.

Nursery and Reception

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Mental Health Awareness Week 10th - 16th May

Nursery & Reception 

‘There is something to be wondered at in all of Nature’ - Aristotle


Nature is so central to our psychological and emotional health, that it’s almost impossible to realise good mental health for all, without a greater connection to the natural world. It is not just being in nature but how we open ourselves up and interact with nature that counts. This week we have embraced this theme by spending time outdoors as often as possible, finding ways to improve our mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  We went on a mindfulness walk using our senses to discover beauty in nature, went bug hunting and created transient art  ‘Snail’ pictures using natural objects. Some children have also been connecting with nature outside of school- feeding the ducks whilst collecting flowers for their ‘Beehive’ project.